San Francisco Airport Guide to San Francisco Airport (SFO)


BART SFO is the light rail service between SFO and downtown San Francisco, the East Bay and to San Mateo County, being an economic and efficient way to get around since it is fast, convenient and cheaper than other ground transportation options.

Get to San Francisco within around 25 up to 30 minutes with departures every 15 minutes.


In order to get to the city centre, board the northbound direction to Pittsburgh / Bay Point. 

To get back to SFO Airport from the city centre, the southbound direction is the right choice (to SFIA/Millbrae).


Southbound direction (SFIA  / Millbrae)

Weekdays: 06:33 am to 10:59 pm

Saturday: 08:01 am to 10:59 pm

Sunday: 08:10 am to 10:07 pm

Northbound direction (Pittsburgh / Bay Point)

Weekdays: 05:00 am to 11:53 pm

Saturday: 06:30 am to 11:53 pm

Sunday: 08:00 am to 11:53 pm

Get further details about BART schedule at SFO Airport

If you wish to check for further BART schedules, please check BART QuickPlanner.


BART SFO Station can be found at the International Terminal at San Francisco Airport, in the G boarding area.

How to get to the BART Station?

You can get there within a short walk from the Domestic Terminals, even in case of carrying large baggage it is better to use the AirTrain, since the station is located within a three minutes walk.


To ride a BART commuter train, first you need to purchase your ticket. 

BART fares are calculated according to the mileage to your destination; in that sense, you cannot purchase weekly or monthly passes since they aren’t available.

See the average cost for a one-way ticket to South San Francisco from SFO Airport:

- Clipper: $ 8.25 (Clipper)

- BART Blue ticket: $ 8.75

- Senior/Disabled Clipper: $ 3.05

- Youth Clipper: $ 4.10

Children under 4 years travel for free.

To calculate the fare of your trip, please check BART website


You can purchase your ticket through the automatic ticket vending machines located at the BART Station.

Get your ticket in advance

Alternatively, you may purchase a BART SFO Ticket Voucher in advance, so in that sense, you’ll just need to print it and get to the BART Information booth located in the International Terminal boarding area G and, outside the BART Station, and retrieve the voucher for your ticket.

Cost: $ 21.00

Get your BART SFO Ticket Voucher here