San Francisco Airport Informational Guide to San Francisco Airport (SFO) - NON OFFICIAL

SFO Terminals

San Francisco Airport (SFO) is the second busiest airport in California.

SFO Airport serves not only the City of San Francisco and Northern California region, but it is also a gateway to further Pacific destinations and the second largest international hub within the state of California. 

San Francisco Airport counts with 4 terminals. 

San Francisco Airport consists of four passenger terminals; a single International Terminal and three domestic terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

Terminal Out 1 San Francisco Airport
Outside terminal area at SFO. 


The terminals are distributed in a circular layout called “The Terminal Loop”.

When entering the terminal area, the International Terminal is the first one to find, followed by the domestic terminals and concourses surrounding the domestic parking area, while the international parking lots A and G can be found south of the International Terminal opposite to the Terminal Loop. 

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International Terminal 

The International Terminal at SFO hosts boarding areas A and G. 

Boarding gates: Gates A1-15 and Gates G1-G14.

A gates area is currently closed due to major works.

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Domestic Terminal 1 - Harvey Milk Terminal 1

IMPORTANT NOTICE: San Francisco Airport Terminal 1 will be under redevelopment until 2024. 

Known as Harvey Milk Terminal 1, the Domestic Terminal 1 is home of boarding areas B and C.

Boarding gates: Gates B6-B27 and C2-C11, these last one connecting to boarding areas B and D. 

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Domestic Terminal 2

The Domestic Terminal 2 hosts the boarding area D.

Boarding gates: Gates D50-59.

Terminal 2 mainly hosts domestic flights operated by American Airlines and Virgin America.

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Domestic Terminal 3

The Domestic Terminal 3 hosts boarding areas E, F and G and is exclusively used by United.

Boarding gates: Gates E1-E13 and F1-F22.

Note that shares some gates with the International Terminal.

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Transfer between terminals

There are several transport options to transfer between terminals or facilities at SFO:


Transfer between SFO Airport Terminals by the AirTrain.

Red Line 

The AirTrain Red-line connects all airport terminals, their garages and the BART Station.

Blue Line

The AirTrain Blue-line goes to the Rental Car Center, all airport terminals, their garages and the BART Station. 


- Domestic Terminals 1, 2 and 3: Mezzanine, level 3, passenger skybridge.
- International Terminal: AirTrain stations close to Gates A and G.
- Domestic Parking Garage: Level 5.
- International Garages A and G: Level 7.

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